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TaniaMediSPA Membership

News: We are offering a spa membership – $375! Call our phone number or email us to apply.

Being a member of the MediSPA provides access to one of the most advance skin care clinics in Calgary. Ideal for those guests visiting on a regular basis, membership of the Spa is on a five months basis.

Why join? Well you will be able to get all the following benefits as a member of TaniaMediSPA

1) Client will be able to try the signature Facials
2) Get any type of massage for the same price
3) Get a Nail treatment and a skin treatment for $75
4) Laser hair removal same price for any body
5) Waxing same price for all the body parts
6) Permanent Makeup and Micro blading 30%discount
7) Full Eye lash Extensions for only $75
8) Lymphatic Drainage for $75
9) Botox 10 dollars per unit
10) Fillers 10% discount with an experienced nurse
11) Special Discount’s on skin products
12) Hair Styling and nails for $75
13) Teeth Whitening for $99
14) 20% discount on other Medical Sin or Body   treatments.
15) Skin Tags and Moles removal 30% off




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