Couples Deep Pore Medical Facial

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Deep – Pore Facial .Full extractions of pimples and black heads :(1 hour facial) $ 110.00

Hydra Refine® Facial for Oily Skin

The Hydra Refine® Facial controls oil, rids the skin of impurities and helps to eliminate future breakouts. Seaweed, Lemongrass and Cucumber leave the skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and ultra clean. Recommended for Normal to Oily Skin.

Facial properties:

Cleansing: Washes deep down, and helps eliminate pore-clogging oil while lily of the valley (Farnesol) fights blemish-causing bacteria.Tone: Controls oil, minimizes pore size and purifies the skin while acting as a soothing, cooling and healing agentHigh Frequency: Using High Frequency for 3-5 minutes, our oil-free serum hydrates while helping to control oil and fight breakouts.

Mask: Contains special skin brighteners to improve skin clarity and colour. It deep cleans, absorbs oil without drying, and exfoliates with tiny spheres of rice bran wax and lactic acid.

Optional: If skin is dehydrated, the Repêchage® Seaweed Treatment Mask can be used to help re-hydrate the skin.

Moisturizing: Our super hydrating ingredients combine with ‘puff busters’ and intensive skin soothers in a lightweight fast penetrating gel that is applied to the delicate eye area. The rest of the face is finished with our oil-free serum that provides hydration without a greasy residue

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Deep Pore Facial



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